Alicia Keys- What a great lady

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After the examination of the Alicia Keys video, I have come to the conclusion that the video is not racist. The music video portrays the relationship problems of Alicia Keys and a Caucasian male. The family of Alicia Key's character does not like the white man for whatever reason. The lyrics of the song do not properly give reason to believe that the African American family dislikes the white male just because of his race. As a neutral third party examiner I do not have enough information too properly assume why the family does not like the white man. I feel like Alicia Keys did take a bold stand in the fact that the video portrayed the black family disliking the white male rather than the other way around. I feel like it would have been more politically correct for the white family to dislike Alicia Keys. Racism is such a touchy subject and rightfully so, but I feel like sometimes you just have to be positive about it. According to many Communications Theories, it is very hard to persuade people if their mind is set. Alicia Keys does a great job in my opinion of conveying a strong message. Sometimes you just have to the unpopular thing because it is best for you. I could analyze her video on a racial position for,hours but I think she just wants the audience to see that sometimes you need to make a decision for yourself and not for others. I think society is hurt if people buy into deep racial feelings. Alicia Keys wanted to show that even though her family might not approve, she still did what was best for her. I think this is a message we can all use because in the end there will always be problems and only us as individuals can decide what is best.

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