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The Alicia Keys video we watched in class left a very different impression on me than it did on Thea Lim. First, I do not think we have the same expectations for what this music video should portray. For me, the video serves as a thinly layered example of an easy to tell story about the strength of relationships even when faced with adversity. I don't think she is trying to make a comment simply about race relations as much as she is trying to convey the lack of acceptance from the families that comes along with many relationships through the example of race. It is essentially a 'wrong side of the tracks' story that had to be portrayed without using any words and physical representation (as in race) was the easiest way to do that. For Thea Lim, who focuses on race relations in media on a daily basis, she clearly would have done things differently. That is because she has a very different motivation that that of Alicia Keys and her production company. Where Thea Lim's main focus would be to accurately portray race and make a statement about the way things should be, Alicia Keys and company had the main focus of remaining simplistic in order to make money. Racial issues are always difficult to discuss in class, because they are as important as any individual makes them for themselves. For me, I think my upbringing has allowed me to evaluate people beyond race and I don't see it as significant, but I know others have very deep wounds that are opened whenever race is brought up.

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