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In class on weds we got into some very interesting discussion involving whether or not Alicia Keys music video had undertones of racism. I really enjoyed seeing different perspectives and i was really glad that someone brought up that maybe this music video was just being over analyzed. I think this about a lot of things, i think that if you analyze anything closely enough you can find problems with it. Sometimes i would just like to know what people who criticize a music video for bing racist what they want. What do they want a 4 minute music video to do? Provide a complete and perfect racial history of the United States.
That being said i did find it interesting to see some of the points that were brought up about the video having undertones of racism. I would be curious to know why they portrayed the white guy as just being a good guy and the black guy not allowing his sister to see the nice white guy just because he was white. I think that this was an interesting choice by the directors of this video and it would be interesting to see if they actually had any purpose behind this or if they just were trying to make an interesting video that people would enjoy watching.


I totally agree with your statement. I feel like over analyzing just complicates things. It's not like the video was a political statement or something like that, the video was meant to sell music. I don't think there is enough information to make a racial statement. It seems like Alicia Keys didn't come out and make a racial statement. With this said, I do think that as a society we need to be aware of all types of people. Race, gender, sexual orientation are all things that need to be addressed and examined. America should be a place for all types of people no matter who they are.

I liked your statement, but some point I disagree with your opinion. I understand that you think this is too over analyzed, but every media contains meaning. According to McLuhan, "Medium is message." I think almost every media producers try to deliver hidden messages to the audiences through media. Therefore, the video producers and Alicia keys probably wanted to deliver the message through 4 mins music video. It could be her experience, or she really wanted to protest racism... Therefore, Alicia Key's music video could be too over analyzed by Thea Lim, but I think this media made people to over analyzed this media content. However, I am pretty sure that this video delivered the message wrongly if the producer wanted to end racism...

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