Banet-Weiser, 'What's Your Flava?"

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This week the discussions have been very interesting. I particularly enjoyed Banet- Weiser's piece because I have encountered so much of what she discusses. I believe that producers use children's programming, as their way to achieve a standard of racial and gender diversity. The question is what are their motives? Is it to reach out to specific demographics? Is it to bring people together and expand world- view? Or maybe, just maybe it is none of the above and rather just a scheme to increase company profits. Whatever the reason is it is working. I do have a hitch that these movies and shows are really after the profits. My thought is that they want to expand their name and the only way of doing so is to reach out to everyone; gender and race. Is this just increasing the stereotypes though? When watching the Dora clip in class today, I thought they stereotype Hispanic cultures. I hadn't really ever thought about it until reading Banet- Weiser's piece. But coming from a Hispanic family I am fully aware of the stereotypes placed over my culture and I just found it somewhat comical how Nickelodeon portrayed the Hispanic- American culture. Im not sure if there is a way to do so that wouldn't seem stereotypical and I don't even find it insulting in anyway, but I do think that It will continue to form stereotypes in children starting at a very young age.

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