I felt as though a lot of the examples we discussed in class were up for debate. I completely agree with the concepts, that many times race and gender, notably feminism are used in a derogatory way or used for profit. I disagreed with most in the class that felt as though there was too much made out of the disney examples. I feel there is a lot of underlined racism throughout disney movies, you just have to dig deep enough. I think my example of aladdin and lion king, how Simba and Aladdin are both more caucasian based, while Jafar and Scar are both more oriental or african. I really feel as though most of Disney movies pre 2000's have some kind of hidden element of racism, even if it's not intentional. Let's remember that we live in a society classified by race and gender and social structures, so sometimes we may say something or portray something that is racist when that is not our intention, we just are accustomed to it.


I totally agree with your response about the Disney movies. When I was young boy, I feel strange while I was watching the Disney movie. In the Disney movies, most of Asian guys and girls don’t look like typical Asian people around me. However I watched it again and again, repulsion that I had was disappeared. How about impression about African people? In Korea there are not many African people live in Korea. For this reason, media makes the first impression about African, and people accept the image naturally even though they didn’t meet real African. I also considered African as powerful, and cruel people before I met African friend. Finally, Disney inculcate with snobbery in whites.

I agree with you about the unintentional racist jabs that society promotes. When watching the Lion king as a little girl, and seeing Scar as a Lion with black hair, it made me think of something evil or scary. Now that I'm older I see the correlation of ethnic ties that may seem racist. At the same time, I feel like we might be digging a little deeper than we need to, and realize it's just a children' movie with probably no intent of being derogatory to other ethnicities.

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