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After our discussion on Wednesday, I have been thinking a lot about what draws Americans in to watch the same types of shows over and over, year after year. If plot lines are barely deviating from show to show, what makes us avid consumers of such monotony? Shows like According to Jim, My Wife and Kids and King of Queens perpetuate the 'no common sense,' often helpless blue collar husband who quite honestly is exactly like the article we read- a buffoon. I asked some of my friends what they thought about these shows, specifically ones where financial hardship and family struggles are shown, and their responses were resoundingly homologous. Every single person I spoke with said that if they are going to sit down to watch television, they want it to be an escape. They want to be able to laugh and not have the show emulate their problems or remind them of things they are struggling with once they leave the sofa. In many ways, I agree with them. I want my TV habits to be an escape. Do you agree or disagree?


I definitely think there is some sort of truth to this. There is an episode of Scrubs that is a satire on the typical three-camera, laugh-track sitcom that discusses the sense of comfort that comes along with reliable plot structure and character roles. Shows that are more realistic have problems that don't end up with concrete resolutions at the end of 23 minutes. Nobody wants to feel anxiety from the television they are watching, so I would agree that TV is definitely used as an escape.

I agree with you that I want to watch TV shows to escape from difficulties that I am facing at that time. But I feel like these shows that you pointed out showed how they struggle with the financial problems, for examples, in a laughable way. I personally think that the shows represent the the problems that middle-class would have in their reality in order for people to feel positive about the problems.

I agree with your friend’s and your opinion toward TV programs, people don’t watch TV as considering class problems. It makes sense watching TV for fun rather than for thinking about current facing problems in this stressful society. As kitag001 talked above, people want to be justified their problems for feel better, consumers do not require TV for raising their questions.

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