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I thought the montage of Walt Disney was a racist was a little much. I like the comment that someone made that often the characters are all the same race, whether its the protagonist or the villain. I didn't agree with the section of that clip about black people. They said black people like to sing and dance after playing a clip of monkeys with low voices singing and dancing...I think the person that put that together was racist themselves for connecting those two. The Jim Crow bird was pretty racist though. I kept thinking about how racism that used to be inferential is now overt, simply because of the passing time. It's kind of like the words "gay" and "retarded." In the past, I guess around the same time as these Disney films were made, gay a synonym for happy, and it wasn't politically incorrect to label someone as retarded, rather than mentally handicapped. The documentary thing that we watched on the news targeting black men and the whole Africanzed Bee story. I thought that was ridiculous. I could find clips together and string them in a row that say "Caucasian Male, Caucasian male, Caucasian male..." Like the Disney clips we watched, and my monkey example, its all about presentation. On the other hand, the last clip with that woman and Obama talked about how there is more violence and news stories in the inner city areas. I agreed with Obama when he simply said "so what?" He talked about how labeling that demographic puts a limit on their aspirations as opposed to incouraging them to get good grades. Very interesting week

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I agree, the presentation is what channels racism in these media texts. If you tell someone to view a series of messages while keeping in mind racist values, they are going to take everything out of its original context and assess them from the context of the new message. Based on how local news outlets function, there is no possible way (it seems to me) that they pick and choose which violent crimes to report based on the race of the person who committed the crime.

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