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When I chose Monday for my day to present I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had to read through the article several times, and also Mulvey's reading to get a good grasp on it. The concept of the gaze is super interesting to me. I like that I chose a topic that had a lot to do with cinema. It was also a very new topic to me so reading up on the subject and also the author Judith (Jack) Halberstam. I also watched a lot of both Boys Don't Cry and The Crying Game. Very eye opening. The concept of the gaze was previously brought up in a course Media Production, the one mentioned in class. I also agreed with the idea of angles in filming. The woman standing up had the power in the dialogue, having the camera literally look down upon the giddy man. After reading up on Judith/Jack it was clear how her views of the gaze differed from Mulvey's.


I gad the same situation in having to read the articles more then once. I found that i ha necer thought about this concept until reviweing it in class. Now understanding the concept of "gaze" i have been watching television in a new way, and seeing the different gazes that are present. And i also found it interesting that the women had a different views about gaze.

I feel like everything in this class has to be read multiple times. The big thing with some fo these is we haven't seen or heard a lot of things these people are analyzing, so it is kind of hard to understand or question anything they tell us/say. So I think it is good that you went ahead and watched these movies (at least in part) so that you were able to really see what was being discussed. For me, it was a huge disadvantage to not really know or have a really clear frame of reference.

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