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This blog is related to my discussion question about sex and the city. The show talks about different topics that other shows see as "taboo". Many shows now on television are starting to include characters that express a type of lifestyle that is not normally on television. The show sex and the city however includes more then one life style like this. I found it very bold to include these lifestyles. I was also impressed with the way the show was described as handling these characters, I have not watched the show but the episodes explained in the readings showed the characters to be open to the different characters. Many shows that I have seen with character that don't live the "typical" life style are either treated as and outcast or, do not last long on the show. I have never thought about the different ways that characters interact with others of different lifestyle, the shows I watch do not normally include many different lifestyles. While this is a step in a good direction to acceptance for everyone, I feel it also can be bad if the shows are showing and emphasis on one type of lifestyle as ok over others. The ways the shows handle the lifestyles can be a big impact on how people that actually live that lifestyle are looked at by people that watch the show.

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