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Reading "Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema" was interesting topic for movie fun. Especially, if people just saw a movie simply. When I felt I was fascinated by a romance movie scene, I thought I was just simply fascinated by movie scenes visually, such like appearances of face, body parts, and sometimes internal characters. However, Mulvey defines that as film is reinforced existing patterns of fascination. Spectators see actresses as actors gazing them through camera. According to her, Male is fascinated to see women into their body parts by this processing. I thought that is like an essay reading. When people read essay, good novels are valued how those made readers could read the books through the characters' view. But this point is women are seen as objectively.
One good example I noticed from this article is famous erotic scene from "Basic Instinct." In the movie, Sharon Stone acts mysterious novelist who is suspect of homicide case crosses her legs and return. The scene became pretty famous, and many comedy shows imitated the scene as joke. This is exact evidence that mass media use technique of objectifying women. However, I also think this is one efficient technique to make people persuade easier with prescribed patterns. This is why the "Basic Instinct" scene became really famous, and widely spread out. I cannot decide the opinion about whether this case is morally wrong or not, but I want to be aware of the technique in films for judging. Because. It can cause strict limiting freedom expression also.


I totally agree your point and the example you give is so true. I feel understand such a technique helps us to be more literate when we are watching a film and understand the hidden narritive that a producer want to deliver unconsciously.

I totally agree with your blog. I also cannot decide the opinion about whether this case is morally wrong or not. In capitalism, all tools might use for money even though it is hot stuff, stimulate the peripheral nerves. Moreover director cannot help making film to use that way for achieving popularity.

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