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I really enjoyed watching "Do the Right thing" in class. I think there are many gripping scenes where they show many stereotypes that are still true in today's society. I think the scene of the white guy with the Celtics Larry Bird jersey bumping into the guy with the Lakers Magic Johnson jersey was a great scene, because of the reality of that scene. During the 80's when Larry Bird was leading the celtics and Magic was leading the Lakers both to multiple championships, race was always an underlining tone when their legacies were discussed. Larry Bird was the hard-working gritty team player that embodied all of what Celtics basketball was, and Magic was the flashy show-boating talent who along with his teammates had no respect and ran up the score. And during a time where racism was much more prevalent than it is today, it was often seen as Larry was the hero for the white race and Magic was the hero for the black race.

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I completely agree. The duality of how that concept was occurring in real life and in the movie is really interesting. I like how you compared Larry Bird to being the white hero and Magic Johnson to being the black hero. In a way, I think that was the underlying tone of the whole movie: a competition to be a hero in any way possible. From characters trying to be fathers, business owners, and proper citizens, to the very case of the mayor saving the boy and getting little recognition. A race to be the hero to your race.

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