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I really enjoyed watching the movie "Do the Right Thing" in class. After reading the articles it was nice to actually watch what they were talking about, just like Pat mentioned. Some of the scenes that I rad and played out in my head were portrayed differently on film, especially Samuel L. Jackson saying "that's the truth ruth." I thought the most thought-provoking part of the movie was the last scene we watched with the white guy bumping into the black guy and the following scuffle. At first, the white guy was to blame because he definitely should have apologized. However, the black guy and his buddies behind him made it into something bigger. The friends were saying things like "Yeah he talked about your mama too..." - just stoking the fire. Knowing who Spike Lee is, like someone mentioned in class, it was interesting to see the two race roles of this scene played out.

Also, on Wednesday night after class I watched Family Guy and they did a cut-away/flashback to how white people act in Spike Lee's movies. It was the scene from the pizza place. Ive seen that episode of Family Guy several times and it was funny to actually know what they were talking about...

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That is really cool that your episode of Family Guy mentioned something we had just viewed in class. I had a similar moment while watching "Do the Right Thing." Like many of my fellow students, I am in the Introduction to U.S. Electronic Media class that takes place right before our Media Literacy class. We had just been discussing the differences between the imagined community portrayed by the media and the actual community that exists. It was interesting to see how almost out of touch the DJ was. He seemed completely content and happy at his job and with the world around him whereas everyone outside of the recording studio was anything but content.

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