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Today, the notion of postfeminism has become one of the debated topics in the lexicon of feminist cultural analysis. Postfeminism is best understood as a distinctive sensibility, made up of a number of interrelated themes. Rosalind Gil, who is the co-editor of The Gender Technology Relation, specified these interrelated themes in to eight categories. These include the notion that feminity is a bodily property; the shift from objectification to subjectification; an emphasis upon self-surveillance, monitoring and self-discipline; a focus on individualism, choice and empowerment; the dominance of a makeover paradigm and a resurgence of ideas about natural sexual difference. These days, postfeminism is used as a transformation of feminism and media culture over time. While I read her article, I awarded differences between feminism and post-feminism. Post feminism do not want women only focus on their feminine. However they just want get liberation from the androcentric world. and equal treatment.

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