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In Chung Feng Sun's article, we can see that each race have stereotypical roles in mass media (fictional products). I took a course which taught about organizing pop culture last semester. In the lecture, I learned ethnicity was one of a most clear appearance for viewers, so giving a role (stereotypical character) is one of a most effective way to persuade people. In this article, Lucy Liu broke the "Chinese dole" stereotype, but what I think is difference. As I wrote above, stereotype is a factor that provides viewers better comprehensions. Therefore, Liu's new character was just modified for today's common sense. In other word, it is new stereotypical character what new era portrays.
Such mass media portrayals help TV programs and movie's plot make much easier. When I watched "Iron Chef" (Cooking competition program,) a Vietnamese chef who cooked French was criticized that he had good skill for cooking but he did not have soul. In the season, he tried to express his soul with his cooking, and his solution was making his memorial Vietnam style. And judge praise his cooking, and the season ended with his victory.
Do you think lack of soul can be satisfied with the chef's identity? No!! I believe soul is abstract things, but it is much more emotional thing as passion. It is also difficult to define whether the guy lacks his soul or not. Stereotype is may be organized from society's responses, but stereotypes from mass media are also manipulated images for making stories interesting.

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I agree with what you said about stereotypes in TV shows. Many TV shows are starting to portray characters against their stereotypes. In fact, almost every popular TV show I see has a character that opposes their particular stereotype (ie Mindy Kaling and Oscar Nunez in The Office, Danny Pudi in Community, or Aziz Ansari in Parks and Recreation). In some cases these methods seem contrived but can be useful for ignorant people who need to be shown that stereotypes are not helpful.

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