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Alicia Keys' music video I watched during last class was really interesting music video. Before I studies media literacy, I didn't know this video is about discrimination. The discrimination in Un-thinkable music video let me know the discrimination is not by national system and group, but by individual and family unit. As you watched, African American discriminates against white person in this music video. Generally speaking, the concept of discrimination is whites discriminate against blacks or the strong discriminate against the weak.
However the blacks had vested rights, which means women in video. But the vested rights can be interpreted as their culture and ideology. This video tells us the discrimination is not always by the strong. When people have a strong sense of belonging about their group, they might discriminate against others. After all, people whom relatively weak than others become a victim of discrimination, and the power becomes an attacker. What's interesting is this video contained material of view of women in this video. Alicia seems to just accept the decision men's even though she loves one man. She looks serious in terms of decision about relationship between her and him. However she is not live an independent life but just feel frustrated. On the other hand, men focus on achievement, which is saving one women. There is the power game in the process. It looks tell us women's identification is acceptor, and passive person.

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I couldn't agree more with the woman being viewed as the acceptor and passive person. There are so many examples in today's media still that portray the woman as the passive one in the example. Woman today are a lot more powerful and willing than they were 40 years ago, yet in many cases in the media they are still often being reliant on men or seeking a man or torn up over a man, and often it shows the man as not as torn up or caring. I think that just shows how much farther we have to go before we can see there is anything even close to equality portrayed in the media.

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