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Mulvey's analysis about film helps me to understand movie and its angle of the camera shot more. Mulvey's concept tells that movie provide people pleasure and this pleasure is one of the provided by movies is voyeurism. Sigmund FREU who is, the founder of modern psychology claim voyeurism is the pleasure of human beings to gaze other. He also insist this pleasure is one of the element which consist of sexual desire. I think this claim is very interesting. Actually, when I watching the movie the angle of gaze is not angle that I see in real, but it is more close to the angle when people gaze to object. Even though I love watch movie, I never think about that. In her statement, one important point is the object showed is female being gazed and the male gaze them. In film, when male person disappears out of the screen, the scene is most extreme erotic scene. In short, when only women in the camera shot is most tension. For this reason, many movies insert the shot like voyeuristically view for increasing men's interest.
I don't know this psychological production skill is good or not. In capitalism, all tools looks like able to use for money even though it is hot stuff, stimulate the peripheral nerves.

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