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I thought our discussion on "the gaze" was very interesting. Movies and television have used it countless times for years in order to paint a picture of how to visualize the subject in a scene. I think you can see it over and over in Rocky. They constantly show him in shirts that are muscle bearing and he's constantly working out and showing an extreme amount of masculinity. And unfortunately we see this with women in media too. This can be seen in "Jersey Shore" countless times, where the women in the show are often seen as ditzy objects for men. There are many scenes of snooki where she is reliant on having a male, whether its for a night or for a week. Together the girls are often seen getting ready for the night, showing that this is important in today's society, that women need to spend hours to attract males. More often than not, both sexes are portrayed in a way to further the stereotypes we have set in our society.

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