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After reading the Peggy McIntosh's article and Julie Bettie thesis I think there are many discrimination in the world. Among much discrimination, the three main discriminations by class, gender and race are looks seriously generally. The class system is looks getting firming. Some people say world is changing more rationally, but I don't agree with it. In 1950s to 1980s, high percent of people employed worked in the production of goods, and there were not man people had job in service. At that time, workers get paid for the work done, and they assured a steady job. It's more steady than today.
However service occupation increased between 1980s and the world changed instability and competitively. For this reason many people seek for stability job. Therefore empower people can make class system firmly. They controlled people to use their anxiety, and employ by the way they want.
There is one sitcom which satire on like above situation. Roseanne almost never explicitly challenges the class system with the exception perhaps of the episode in an individual-interpersonal way through a character's problemartization of her ability to maintain "the impersonal nature of her anger and humor, which are targeted not so much at the people she lives with as at what makes them the way they are."
This story is not a good story, but I was very interested in this happening in the real life including my life.

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I agree with your blog about class discrimination. I as well see it in everyday life and I feel like it has become a major problem. It is very hard for some people to get out of the class they are in. It seems in many cases if you grow up in a certain class, you will be there forever. I also agree that it is very hard for people to find a steady job. Now that most people have to work in the service industry, it is very hard to get out of a lower class. I am not sure how America can stop the spreading of class discrimination but I hope something happens to help class discrimination.

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