Boys Don't Cry


After the presentation about the transgender gaze I wanted to find out more about the movie Boys Don't Cry. I saw the movie a long time ago, and I guess I didn't really have that transgender gaze. I knew Hilary Swank was playing a boy so it didn't shock me when the moment came out she was a boy.The movie is based upon true events and the murder of the transgender male is depicted in the movie. I feel like the movie does depict stereotypes from the media and people. When the murder happened, most people probably couldn't handle something like transgender. They were confused and scared of something different from what they know. Fear in people creates anger and that lead to the senseless killing and rape. This is such a hard issue and people need to better understand things like gay, lesbian, and transgender. Today I think people are more aware of these issues in society. I think like a lot of things, time is an important factor when dealing with something new. Back thirty years ago, people just pushed new issues under the rug and today people are more secular with new things. That's why I think when it comes to social issues, today's people will make vast improvements with issues like gay, race, and transgender. This country will allow all types of people to exist and have the ability to grow and prosper.


I like what you had to say about fear in people creates anger, its sad but its true. The killers were not accustomed to Hilary actually being a woman, and sometimes there is a fear of the unknown. I think movies like this help explain the background and help audiences obtain the transgender gaze. I believe these movies are made to hit the emotions of the viewers, but are also portraying a message that will help tragedies like Teena Brandon never happen again

I agree with you that the movie depicted stereotypes from the media and people. As we learned from the class till now, media have great influence people... transgender issues can be very sensitive to some particular group and this is not a very common issues in nowadays society till now, so the director of the movie tried to change the audiences' view of transgender... I also agree that the movie was portraying the messages that people should change their view of transponders like Teena in the movie and it should not happen again in reality...

I do agree with you. Actually the idea of growth in the US' views have seemed to be a trend in a lot of my classes lately. I think that the growth we have experienced is very important to look at when picking a part these ideas of transgender gaze and the era that the media outlet is placed in. I know that the GLBT groups still undergo major scrutiny and fear still but I do believe that we are moving forward.

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