Butsch, Rosanne, and the working class

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In class on Wednesday we watched an episode of Rosanne. In this show the family is supposed to represent the working class. I found the show to be very interesting and, when brought to my attention, the show is full of stereotypes of what media represents as the working class. In Butsch's essay he talks about the husbands usually being depicted as white male bafoons. This is a perfect example of that. In the show Rosannes husband is a big goofy guy that seems to be somewhat of a pushover and not really respected or note worthy. Butsch also talks about the lady of the house being an airhead or non-working. In this sense I do not think that Rosanne follows that but I do think that often times in working class families the mom would perhaps be working. These stereotypes are continuously fed through media outlets just like these. I think that we are drawn to shows like this often times for a comedy outlet but also because there is a sense of relativity, maybe for some even comfort. When you watch a show that is representing upper class it is harder to relate their lives seem lavish and extraordinary, but when comparing your life to the working class you can either be like "oh I've been there," or "wow, I'm so glad my family doesn't get excited over $500 dollars." As bad as that may seem I think that is the way the human mind works.

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