Do the Right Thing analysis

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I found the film 'Do the Right Thing' to be incredibly interesting. The way Spike Lee depicted the relationship between different individuals and groups within a single neighborhood highlighted some of the ways in which we use racial differences as a defense mechanism to avoid what the real problems are. The connection between race and socioeconomic status came into play when we looked at the situation between the Brownstone owner and Mookie's friend who gets kicked out of the pizza parlor. The concept of 'freedom' is interpreted in completely different ways, stressing the concept of positionality we have discussed in class on multiple occasions. The ideas of 'freedom' and what is the 'right' thing to do are both subject to the interpretation of whoever has to make the decision for themselves. I think the point Spike Lee is trying to make is that one's surroundings make a person who they are and impacts the way they make a given decision. With a movie like that it is difficult to determine what the point the writer was trying to convey really was until we view the ending. While we were discussing the readings in class I found it interesting that the interpretations of Mitchell and Christensen on this movie were seen by my classmates to be sharing evidence to support opposing viewpoints. As I brought up in class, it seems as if one had a favorable view of the movie and one had a negative view of the movie and then the two drew conclusions about Spike Lee as a human being based on that exposure.

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Right away in your post i like how you talk about racial difference as a defense mechanism to avoid the real problems. I did not write that in my post specifically but i really think that that is a great way to sum up what is going on in the movie. The concept of freedom is also a very important theme to this movie and i think that spike lee really puts a different spin on "freedom" and what is means to actually be free.

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