Do the Right Thing

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I found the neighborhood dynamics in Do The Right Thing to be very interesting. Everyone interacts with each other with some level of respect but it is very clear that there is a lot of tension underneath the surface. I thought that there were a couple very good examples of the tension, the first being when the guy gets kicked out of the pizzeria for complaining that there were no black men on the wall of fame. The owner of the shop reacts very harshly to this and needs to be somewhat restrained by his sons before kicking him out. So even though these two characters interact fairly normally until this point anger boils up very easily out of something thats really not that big of an issue. The next scene that revealed tension was when the man drove by the uncapped fire hydrant and got sprayed after very specifically telling the men by the hydrant not to spray him. This was another good example of how conflict rose up out of nothing. The man did not have to be so rude when he was telling the men not to spray him, and on the flip side they did not have to spray him. This could have been easily avoided by both parties and yet once again conflict rises out of something that did not really have to happen. The last example was when the owner of the brownstone house scuffed the guys jordans. Because of this relatively small offense a crowd gathers around the two and are seemingly encouraging a fight. In every one of these situations it was always between a white and black man so we can see racial tensions boiling to the top waiting to explode. I really hope that we do have time to finish this movie next week.

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I agree with your statement that there was a lot of tension involving race. I found the scenes that you described very interesting because of how little the situation was. Like you said, Spike Lee made very small situations a big deal. I feel like in today's world you can find the same dynamics. I have seem from personal experiences small situations that turned into more than it should have been. Race really is a deciding factor. Civil rights have come so far but people still see colors. I feel like stereotypes play a huge role. I hope that someday people can past race and interact in a more civil manner.

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