I think the approach that nickelodeon is attempting can be a good thing, they may be first and others will start to follow. I believe it is important for everyone to learn about other cultures. Having cartoons that include other cultures traditions is a fun and interactive way to teach children about others. Dora not only teaches about different traditions but also includes the teaching of a second language. With many america being made of many different cultures it is important to teach children that. Dora however is focusing on the Latina culture, and I feel that it would be even more of a benefit to include other cultures.
I do feel that some focus on learning is a great benefit. The show being set up like a computer game is a great way to teach kids now, with children as young as 9 having smart phones, it is a sound that they recognize. I hope that other companies start to follow in this example as well as continue to incorporate other ethnic groups into their programs.


I kinda agree with your point that put different culture stories in makinng a new cartoon to demonstrate the cultural diversity in this country is a good thing. The only thing that worries me is that the over-commercialization on targetted youth. This is related to what we talked in previous lecture about the generation grow up with tons of ads bombarded at them every day. Should there be any legislation that is aimed to monitor and the control the amount of ads or different commercial creations that is aimed at young kids?

I like what you said about how America is a melting pot, with a ton of cultures. It's good that our youth is able to realize there are different people on this earth. I think what you said about having other cultures for other shows is brilliant because why not learn about other people. It goes back to the reading with racial representation. There are efforts to balance out races and cultures seen on media however, someone will always be lef out. You cant possibly have a show for every culture because there are so many.

I think you bring up several interesting points here in your blog post. I agree that learning about different cultures is a great thing and that everyone should be introduced to that at a young age. However, without trying to overanalyze, my only issue would be is dora the explorer really accurately portraying latino culture? Or is it even important for the target audience that is it portrayed correctly and not just that the idea of a different culture is there? I think that something like this really gives way to alot of interesting discussion and many different viewpoints, none of which are completely wrong or completely right. This is definately a complicated question that needs a lot of discussion.

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