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In Sarah Banet-Weiser's work, What's Your Flava?, she investigates the motives behind creating a show like Dora the Explorer on Nickelodeon. She writes that Dora, "utilizes Latino "themes" as part of the program but in a safe way so as not to alienate Nickelodeon's predominantly white, middle-class cable audience." I agree that Nickelodeon could have made the show more accurate in its depiction of Latino culture and gender inequality. I think the show tries add to a more diverse line-up of educational programming in response to growing demand for it. I think of the TV shows I watched when I was a child and none of them promoted diversity or education, they were just for entertainment. Dora is a step in the right direction as far as preschool programming goes. I think the show is mundane and could be more creative and it could definitely be more educational, but the show is for preschoolers. I'm not sure they would comprehend the cultural and gender messages if the messages were there. What we need to remember is that Dora the Explorer is for children, young children, and they like it.

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i agree that the show tries to add a more diverse line up of educational programming, and that dora is a step in the right direction. The children that watch the show do not comprehend the cultural differences, but I feel it could eventually hinder how they feel about other cultures. Being exposed now at a young age opens up so much more for them to learn about. I as a child only had white children or characters that would be recognized as "middle class". I was not exposed to other cultures until I was much older, and now wish I was able to learn more about others. Dora is a good thing for children and I hope that other channels see the benefit of this type of show.

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