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After class on Wednesday I started thinking about the question that came up in class regarding whether or not Dora's main goal was to appeal to the trend of different cultures being exciting to make money. I do think that Dora makes a ton of money for Nickolodean but I also think that they are aware of their social responsibilty with creating a show for pre-school aged kids. I am a dance teacher for ages two through 8. In those classes we try to count in spanish, french and japanese while we hold our stretches. The kids love it! They think its so cool to be able to say something in a different language. We have had some little dancers that have come through the program that are billingual because their parents are immigrants and those kids feel extra special that they already know the language we are speaking when we count. So exposing kids to language even if it is in small doses is beneficial. Another thing that we do in our dance classes is ask the kids to tell us their name and their favorite something. So sometimes kids say their favorite animal. One little girl said that her favorite animal was a Pygme Marmoset! I don't know what that is so I asked her how she knew. I was impressed since she was only 4. She told me that she learned about it on Go Diego Go the show of Dora's cousin and she told me all the facts that she knew about it. The shows aren't mindless commercials trying to get kids to buy their toys they actually teach kids some pretty cool things. They maybe could encorperate more culture but how much about culture can a little preschooler actually understand?

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