FLAVAS: political economy, culture, and everything else

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Here's an issue that I felt that tiptoed around but never really addressed. The political economy of how the flava dolls have impacted the media, or at least the rest of the marketing/media promotion of other dolls or figurines to play with. I'm really thinking about how this particular promo would have been twisted or at least altered had something like flava been aimed at younger boys. It's hard to imagine trying to manipulate GI Joe for instance or something along the lines of masculinity. To me this is a one sided issue regarding the extortion of dolls to the younger female adolescent audience. It has paved the way for Mattel industries with Barbie and other dolls that they launch to try and provoke this particular audience. Look at the commercials--now they have like doll families taking vacations with each other, but like these families are of a widespread of different races. It sort of seems like the foreshadowing of how real life might be. You hang out, party, and take trips with people that you share similar interests with, but within these commercials--it sort of gives of an exclusive factor, almost like you have to be the race that plays or engages with the race of dolls. We will see how this shapes up down the line.

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