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I really enjoyed our discussion on Wednesday as it was pretty much the basis of my autobiographical paper. I was very surprised to see that I was the only one who defended the show "Roseanne" and how the family operates. It seemed like most of the class swayed in the direction of Roseanne being a negative portrayal of the middle class family and even regarded as reckless. Of course it is my opinion, but I firmly disagree. I feel like people are confusing the comedy with real life. I also feel like people completely bypass the love that is apparent in the family and that the family values are still very solid. At least the ones that matter. Are they reckless with money? Yes, they are, but I think they teach valuable lessons for many out there that think life is all just a bunch of work and money management. I feel like their reckless eating and spending habits are almost saying like "yes, we eat unhealthy and spend what we don't have, but you know what, we have twice as love and affection in our family than the family who makes tons of money and doesn't know what to do with it, because they're always busy. Is the show a little facetious? Yes it undoubtedly is, but I think it goes a long way of trying to show how the real average American family works, while teaching great family lessons on what it really means to live your life rather than do exactly what society tells you and go through the motions. Bit of rant, lo siento.

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I think that you do a good job of addressing both sides of how the Roseanne show can be interpreted. Yes you could say that she is reckless with money and that it fuels the stereotype that working class people are bad with their money. However I know that I have watched my poor friends do exactly what they did on the episode. People go so long with no money and are just used to the life style that they are always playing catch up that when they get a chunk of cash that could make a difference they want to splurge on themselves. I don't agree that its the right choice but I don't know that life style and haven't been in that position. When you are already acostumed to being in debt the draw of catching up probably doesn't seem that appealing as it does buying something for yourself and keep on with your catching up on debt as you would have anyways.This may be a working class dilema that is relavent and should be shown. It may take on a different meaning for middle class people.

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