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Butsch points out in his article that the creation of white male buffoons is mainly due to the monetary reason behind it. It is hard to believe that this kind of character is still popular in the U.S., a country that has been regarded as the leader of the world, both economically and mentally.
But it seems to be fairly easy to understand that such a creation helps the both production to win and the advertisers to win. The reason for it's success is that it locks the eye balls of female audiences, who is targeted as the purchasing power of a household, and make the most purchasing decisions. Once a female is built as strong and decisive in different dramas, it encourages female in real life to be strong and be wiling to make decisions.
As an outsider, by this I mean as a non-U.S. citizen, I feel those white male buffoons can hardly be appreciated at all. They eat a lot; they exercise to the minimum extent; and they don't appreciate work, all of these make me feel bad about U.S. males. But in reality, I feel lots of white males around me are energetic and enthusiastic. Such a false description of white males is not fair to males in the real time. Those dramas are making use of humor to create a completely un-true story and leading audiences into a totally wrong understanding about males in the society. Again, I don't how to appreciate such dramas at all. So my strategy is trying to avoid such dramas as much as possible. I will just change channel whenever I saw the "King of the Queen".

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