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ChungFeng Sun says in her article that Ling Woo has broken the "China doll" stereotype of Asian women. But in reality, Lucy Liu is still considered as a pretty "China Doll". She was praised widely though she was only act as a "white fantasy".

There are lots of examples that I saw in different movies that stereotype Asian women as powerless, quiet, no opinion, and sexually appealing to white men in order to get something. The one I remember the most is Bai Ling act as someone (I don't even want to mention the name of the character) in the French film Taxi 3. The character can totally achieve her goal without sexually appealing to the actor, but the film presented the other way.

I don't really care about how Lucy Liu act as a Chinese female since basically she is an American act as a Chinese. The perspective she takes and the way American audiences views her doesn't really hurt me. But Bai Ling's interpretation of a Chinese female and accepted that character piss me off. I was even more surprised after I done a small research on her. She is from a fairly well educated family. Her dad was a musician in the People's Liberation Army, and later became a music teacher. Her mom was a dancer and a literature teacher in Sichuan University. I assume that she should had some understanding about what message will be delivered when she took such a character. I understand that it's so important for some actress to become famous internationally. But by selling your country's female dignity cannot be tolerated.

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