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I do agree with Hall's idea that media's the main sphere is to produce and transform ideologies. The American Dream can be an obvious example. As the beginning age of television shows, the idea of you can come to the United States as nobody, and later become somebody through hard-working has been created. This idea is still alive, and media take big part of circulating this ideology again and again.

Ideologies, that once being created, is not easy to move them away because it's so hard to create a new one, so media retake and recycle different ideologies again and again. By doing so, they can spend less time, less energy, less thinking, and especially less money into creating a new ideology.

Hall's idea that the gender issue being used in different media, and the profit each shows or programs generated from using this issue is phenomenal. The ideology of "freedom" is often times used by media producers as well since it is so easy to use and so easy to achieve a successful result.

The formula for develop ideology is not new to those media producer at all. As Hall points out that " ideologies combined different elements into a set or chain of meanings"; "ideologies are not the product o individual consciousness or intention"; and "ideologies create truths for different subject matters". The last point is really obvious in different setting by saying that, for example " female is always the one taken care of family, husband and kids". But why is this responsibility natural to female? By normalizing cases and situations seem to be the most effective method to use in order to create ideologies.

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I think i enjoyed reading your last paragraph the best because I am taking a feminism class. The question to why are social responsibilities determined by gender is a really good question, and the only answer that I have learned thus far is that it's because it's been rooted into cultures for a very long time (though it's weird that there is no proof of reason). Also, I think it's fair to say that ideologies create myths...which are truths without facts and I think it's weird that we (as a culture) create social or cultural truths and this is why it's so hard to move away from them. Just like the typical gender responsibilities, it just gets ingrained into us (as a culture).

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