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I found this Wednesday's reading particularly interesting. Lim's reading about Alicia Keys' music video really raised a lot of good points, especially the ones facilitated through the class discussion. I must admit that as a white female, I found it difficult to speak in front of the class and feel as though I accurately depicted some of the issues that surround racism. That being said, I do have a few opinions about the article. The first is that I appreciate the argument that Lim was making, but I felt that the informal nature in which she did so made her argument seem almost uneducated. The second is that I agree with what Pat had to say during the discussion: It seems as though she was reaching pretty deep on some point that she was making. And, finally, I would like to touch on the idea of how consumerism and racism are tied together, especially through these two articles from Wednesday. My takeaway from reading the two of them is how our society has such sensitivity to racism, but we continue to consume it. The generic ways in which the Flava dolls are marketed as some sort of inner-city, hip hop, race-less (but yet all races) is another way in which we continue to perpetuate disregard for race. Even further, this product is for our youth. From the earliest of ages, we are teaching them that race is negated and unimportant, yet we are extremely sensitive to other aspects. There seems to be a disconnect between what we are teaching and what we are practicing.

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