Media Gaze

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I found the topic of media gaze very interesting, it was a topic that i was not familiar with but is definitely something that did exist especially in older movies. When we watched the clip and i was looking for the gaze it was pretty clear that it was there. I thought it was very interesting how clear the gaze was and who was in a position of power. As i was thinking about gaze i thought that perhaps one reason why i did not notice gaze before is because the gaze is usually from a white male perspective and that is the perspective that i see things from. One thing i also thought of was that the direction of the gaze is most likely going to be from the perspective of the main character which in older movies in usually a white male. I think that the gaze could, but does not necessarily change if the main character is someone other than a white male. Media gaze is very interesting and i will look for it in the future now because i think that it is a very important and i didnt really ever notice it before.

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