Mixed Race Mess:Alicia Keys, 'Unthinkable'

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After I watched the Alicia Key's video, 'Unthinkable' and I believe that Thea Lim made some important points in her article. In the video, Alicia Keys is in a relationship with a white guy and it demonstrates the social stigma with interracial dating throughout the decades, over past and present. Although she loves her white boyfriend, all of her friends and family members are opposing to her love. (Interracial relationship) In the video, her black friends are upset about Chad Michael Murray stares at Alicia key. This scene that Lim pointed out that black people are the ones that were mad about the interracial relationship. Also the director of the video emphasized that interracial relationship wasn't accepted by or to say the other word, 'racism' still existed even today. (Showed both past and present of couples). I really do not understand what the director of video and Alicia Keys wanted to say through the music video. Does she really want to end racism? Or she generates racism more? If she wanted to end racism, I think she portrayed wrongly because I only thought that black people have more negative view of interracial relationship compare to other ethnicity after I watched this video.
Moreover, as Lim pointed out in her article, 'Date someone because you like them inside and out, not because you think that dating our will end racism when you have little beige babies.' I'm kind of agreeing with her statement because dating with different race would not 'end racism' but I believe that they are attempting to 'end racism'. If I love someone who has different ethnicity with me, I think I should let it go. Concerning to break up relationship with someone, just because of ethnicity issue, I think its very silly things. I think the video portrayed wrongly because I think there would be someone recognize that black people are very oppose to interracial relationship, and would hesitate to have interracial dating with black people in the future...(media power).

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