My discussion question for week of 10/15

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This weekend I went to a festival that had a Texas tourism booth that showed a video about all the fun activities you can do in Texas while on vacation. I sat and watched the video because I wanted to get the free stuff they handed out for watching it. As I watched there were only white people in the video doing all these fun activities. The people facilitating the booth were African American. It all seemed so strange to me but no one else seemed to notice. It made me think of these idealogies that Stuart Hall mentions in his article. This video I felt like fell into the naturalised idealogies. What are some examples of situations that we have whitnessed that represented these idealogies? Did you notice them at the time. This was very apparent to me becuase I had just read the article on Friday and saw the video on Saturday so it was fresh in my brain. I don't know if I would have been as aware normally.

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