While watching Roseanne in class it made me think of my family, I was shocked to hear that so few people could relate to the show. Roseanne herself is much like my mother, and my grandmother. Even the family dynamics were much like mine, we did not as children know the financial situation of the family but we all interacted very similar. My family loved to watch shows like Roseanne, that might have made an impact on us. The show itself however I feel shows the situation of some middle class families, but shows humor so that the show is not too real. People do not watch sitcoms to feel bad, they watch them to laugh and have a good time watching TV. The inclusion of the dad being a "typical" white male is just another way to make the audience laugh. My family loved Roseanne and it can still relate to my family. I do understand that the show does show some things that many people can not relate to, and that the dynamics of the family are not typical middle class families. I feel that shows like Roseanne and King of Queens exaggerate the "norms" so that we can laugh and enjoy our time watching TV and can relate without feeling bad about our own lives.


I personally love all these shows that make you feel good. After a long, stressful day, I watch this to ease my mind and completely destress. But I do agree that these shows are relatable, but with added humor to create some comic relief, and to make it more enjoyable.

I agree that these particular sit-coms purposefully use exaggerated characters and situations to entertain us and simultaneously relating them to people and situations we deal with in our lives. An individual doesn't need to be "working class" to relate to the show. Personally, Roseanne does not remind me of my mother, but Dan who plays the dad, sort of reminds me of my dad in some ways. I get some enjoyment out of that when I watch the show. The situations, though exaggerated, remind you of and make fun of real life.

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