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I enjoyed the perfume episode of 'Roeaenne' and it made me to understand what Bettie claimed in her article better. In my opinion, I think this drama has great influence viewers to make them to have a stereotype of 'working class' woman.
Today, media has influenced individuals greatly. I believe that media could impact one's lifestyle including their opinion, hobby, and trend so largely. I think the sitcom "Roseanne', is pretty much influencing people to change their view of working class woman. Roseanne is working in full time and striving for making money in sitcom. Even though Rosane wants to buy only one perfume for herself, she needs to keep secret to her family. It is because they need to save money for family and can't use extra cash for everything.. Although they made this episode as a humor, some people would not think its funny at all. Some group of people who do not think they are not working classes, they would have a stereotype of working class and regarding this sitcom is funny, whereas people from working class would feel uncomfortable to watching Rosaene. Therefore, working class as humor through the famous channel on the TV is sometime impact negatively to some group of people.

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