After watching the Roseanne episode I found myself thinking about why I enjoy watching the show. I think the character Roseanne is absolutely awesome. I think she shows a typical working class woman. She supports her family and takes care of them. Even if sometimes she can be a bit sarcastic, she still is a loving mother. Even though I cannot personally relate to the show, I still enjoy watching it. I enjoyed watching Roseanne growing up because it was opposite of other shows. I can remember my sister constantly watching shows like full house and I always enjoyed Roseanne. I like the that Bettie had interviewed people that enjoyed watching the show. I could see where working class people can relate better to a show like Roseanne rather than a show like the Cosby Show. I agree that perhaps the Cosby show doesn't represent the working class because Bill is a doctor and the wife is a lawyer. These are professional jobs unlike Roseanne. I could see where the working class could not relate to those shows. I also noticed that the episode we watched had a lot of female workers. Like Bettie said, "thiryty-five percent of the working class was represented by women." This is because families had to get two jobs to support their family. Overally I enjoy Roseanne because I like the comedy. The sarcastic remarks and slapstick humor. I guess, I just enjoy being entertained and not necessarily need to relate to the characters.


That is one of the main reasons I like Roseanne. The show wasn't like all the other shows that were on at the same time. The show was more like actual working class families, not exactly but a better representation then shows like Full House or The Cosby Show. I can relate to the Roseanne show but I enjoyed watching it still.

I can agree with you that I think when I watch T.V. I rarely am focused on who is being criticized but rather whether or not it is entertaining me. A lot of the examples that we have discussed have caused me to think the same thing. Like " Huh, I never really thought of it that way."

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