Roseanne and the Working Class Sterotype

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Reading the piece on Roseanne, I had a number of questions. These questions were based on the observations of the text and my understanding of the show and the human condition. Bettie says the Roseanne should be looked at as a "claim to class as a cultural identity" (115 of our course packet). I like this way of analyzing the text that is 'Roseanne.' When I first read it, I was skeptical of the claim and the seriousness of it, but after finishing the piece and watching an episode, I can see how the connection was made.

One question I had for Bettie was on page 117 (of the packet). Bettie refers to an episode where Roseanne gets the neighbors' umbrella stand that cost $200. She makes an observation about the scenario and made it all seem like a fact. I think it is more of an opinion. How does she know exactly what it means? She may be right, but I think it should be presented more as a particular understanding, not the singular understanding.

Another thing that bugged me was people liking it because of the "realness" of the show. Watching this, I can understand that there are certain situations that may reflect real life, but I don't think it is supposed to represent real life. A more appropriate way to interpret it may be that it is a commentary on the state of the (then) present working class life.

The final big thing I noticed and had an issue with was the comment about the family finally being "white trash" (120). I know we discussed this at length in class but I still feel it is an interesting and worthwhile thing to discuss again. Even if there is an implication (explained in the next couple of Bettie's paragraphs) that is not wholly supposed to be negative, when you have the power to show these people, why label them as white trash? I feel that it is an improper use of the power the show could have to try and eliminate such stigmas from cultural norm and assumptions.

Overall, I think it was a well thought out piece and even with my minor gripes and (perhaps) misunderstandings of the text, I still walked away with a new viewpoint on the working class and the show "Roseanne."

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