Sex and the City

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I personally have never had and interest in watching ex and the City, I was not interested in that type of show. If I had known how many different types of characters are brought into the show maybe I would have paid more attention. I find it very interesting that the show contains so many topics that other shows don't even think about including in their shows. The way they have the characters interact with the gay, transgender, "pre-ops", even other races, as dominate women surprises me that the show is so popular. These topics are odd to be paired with the topic of feminism. The thing I found most interesting is that they have the women in the show as the "dominate" characters. The type of women they seem to be do not appear to be the type of women that are dominate. When I think of upper class women in the city I think of the stereotypical need a man to live, need money, and just have fun for this type of women to be the dominate character. Why is a show about four women dominating over other people, such a popular show? Why is this appealing to viewers?

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