Sexism in the Media

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In class watching the video on how the media is unfair towards women in politics i found it ridiculous hearing some of the comments that people had to say knowing that they were on t.v. I could not believe that people would say that stuff when they knew they were going to be broadcast nationwide. Howver this is a really tough issue to deal with because i feel like the more people analyze some of these things the more those stereotypes can be perpetuated. It is hard to draw the line between necessary analysis and overdoing it. For example the picture that they showed of Sarah Palins legs and two of her supporters in the crowd looking at her. They drew huge sexist implications from this picture, which i do not disagree with but before seeing this analyzation i would nave have even thought twice about this. So the tough question remains, what steps need to be taken for maore political equality? What exactly needs to be done for this to happen? These are questions that i certainly dont have answers for and but i thin really need to be looked at in society.

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