The silenced majority


I think that this article and the presentation that Kassie did on it brought up great questions. When I watched the Honey Boo Boo clip I felt bad that those people are what we use to represent the working class. I think that they are a spectacle and they have a show becuase they are weird in the way they interact with each other and the way that they raise their kids. I also wondered what do they think about themselves. Does the family on Honey Boo Boo think that they are middle class? Or do they consider themselves working class?
I do think that shows like that fuel stereotypes but not so much as a representation of the working class as it represented what I think of as Southern. Another example that fuels this stereotype is the teen mom show on MTV. Alot of those girls have southern accents so you start to associate teen moms as a part of the southern American culture. Is that fair? No, but it is being broadcast to us in different ways and some people may never go to the south to find out what its really like.


I think it's really interesting how the media is really portraying the south, as low-class, almost idiotic beings. It creates stereotypes, that aren't always quite fair. My boyfriend was born and raised in Tennessee, and comes from a well to do family. So we really can't take what we see as reality. So yes, I agree with you that this type of portrayal isn't fair!

I agree. The whole "reality TV" thing doesn't portray reality in even the vaguest sense. They show completely off-center families and individuals in order to make money. As for the whole middle/working class representation, I think maybe they do think of themselves as middle class. It is so easy for someone to consider themselves that. I think that it isn't fair that they represent the south with such an exaggerated and loony family, but I honestly think it says more about the people that watch it than the people that star in it. Probably, the people that watch it are people that already think the south is like that and it resonantes with them so they watch it.

The working-class as defined by Barbara is astonishingly large, but I think that scary number is only used by her to make her argument more convincing and reach more reader. But the reality that lots of American's faces and voices are hidden by media executives, and this dangers general public's understanding of the rest of people in the country. My question is that how could we aware of this issue, and how can we change the media content in order to let more people understand the current situation?

I think your question about whether or not Honey Boo Boo's family considers themselves to be middle class or not raises an interesting issue. From a technical standpoint, I found a definition of middle class that states middle class households to have an income in the 40-60 percentiles (approximately 35-55 thousand dollars a year. We like to associate 'middle class' with a sense of normality, which I would assume their family believes they are-normal.

I think regardless of which class the Honey Boo Boo family is, the show is ridiculous. However, I think they are out (or at least will be out) of the middle class just because they have TLC paying them. I believe this family portrays Americans in a negative way. When they were at the restaurant letting her eat all that meat, "because we're fat" didn't set well with me. Its kind of absurd that people watch this stuff but I guess it is like Jersey Shore or the "Housewives of..." where they are getting paid to act that certain way. I think this family is acting out these negative stereotypes of the dumb sourtherners and fat americans but in doing so, they are getting paid. Making them working-class but overly portrayed as middle class.

I think your point is interesting for considering media portraying. If the south stereotypical view prevailed in our society, it is really unfair for them. In fact, my friends who are from southern do not have such strong stereotypical characters. We need to be aware of the emphasized characters are factors that make the shows interesting.

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