The silenced Majority

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I think that he points Barbara Enrenreich made about the stereotypes of working class in the media is very interesting and an important idea for us to rethink about. We're meeting those people who we call the "working class "in everyday lives. When we go out for diners with family and friends, when we ride on the bus or taxies.. etc., they are playing very important role in our society. If those of 60-70 percent of the population of the working classes did not play the role they are playing now, or treated bad because of the stereotypes the media make, we, as a middle class, cannot be ignorant about it. But, do we categorize these people into the stereotypes the media tell? I believe not. I think that people are more knowledgeable about the media as we deal with it everyday, and the influences we get is not so powerful as before when only few medium had dominant power (we have many channels to get information from so many different perspectives). I believe that it is not the media, which only reinforce the stereotypes of working class. We learn about them from our own experiences and shape how we think about them. I really liked the quote she put in the last of the article, because it made me self-reinforced and rethink about my perception about stereotypical ideas about the working class.

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