Transgender Look

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I had no idea about what this about before I read this article, but then I started to get interest in reading this article more and more when it brought up the transgender look in the movie, 'Boys Don't Cry.' I haven't seen this movie before, but after reading this article, it forced me to watch 'Boys Don't Cry.' This movie is about Brandon Teena, a transgendered teen who preferred life in a male identity until it was discovered he was born biologically female. After watched this movie, I realized that I was into this movie and made me to think of myself that how I view it now after this article. In the movie, the director showed Teena as a very masculine character to represent of the male gaze to the audiences. However, somehow, at the end of the movie, he changed it to feminine look, which made people to change the view of the entire character... from masculine, strong to feminine. I think the director of this movie aimed to change the audiences' view of transgender like Teena in this movie, because the transgender characters were not portrayed in the movie recently and the transgender issues could be very sensitive to some particular group, so the director tried to keep medium the view of transgender.. I believe the reason why we should understand both transgender gaze and male gaze is to realize that the way we are shown messages in media could affect the way we interact with people and view them.

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