transgendered identity in media and society

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Examining the role of transgendered characters in media provides an interesting insight on how our society views gender roles. I would think it is probably safe to say these individuals are the most prejudiced against in our society, seeing as they are very estranged from popular culture, even within LGBTQ media. They represent such a small portion of our population, which is probably why we have such a 'reveal' aspect towards their presence in films. Even the rights that homosexuals are fighting for become much more complicated when the concept of 'transgendered' comes into play. My question is this: do you think this issue is overlooked because it complicates the idea of sexuality beyond what we are used to thinking? A man who has sex with a man (for example) is an idea that is pretty simple to grasp, but the idea of a sexual identity in between male and female and the sexual practices they may have turns sexuality from an orientation to points on a spectrum.

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