What's the point of working?

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I wanted to write my blog post on Kassie's clip on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo based off of her argument from the Ehrenreich article, "The Silenced Majority." I remember that the majority of the discussion facilitated about the class system here in the United States and what qualifies what a real job is. I watched that same clip over and over and just could not believe that TLC would give family so outrageous and ill mannered a show of their own. In the sense now, this can be considered that family's occupation. I don't know what contract details look like or what they are being paid, but it makes me ask myself what job did they have before life on television. I guess I am being fairly judgmental in this post, but I just don't a family that comes across as being so stereotypical white trash should be rewarded with a job offer like this. It just makes me think of all of my peers who are going to school to become college educated, many of whom have already graduated but are still seeking a full time REAL job. I guess people may wait tables for a living or star on their own show and make that their real job, but it just puts a sour feeling in my stomach to see college grads who have worked 4+ years to earn a degree still struggle to find work and emerge from working class society, when something like a television show is all of a sudden granted to a family because they are simply an outrage to society.

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