Working class families and Roseanne

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Roseanne was a show that was on at my house but it wasn't one that I religously watched so I can't talk about the episodes from memory.I also don't come from a family like Roseanne's. My dad was the president of a computer company and my mom was a stay at home mom. So I don't identify with their struggles but I always was intrigued by the show. I think that Deborah brought up a good point today in class that it was different and maybe some of its popularity came from just being different not becuase the majority of the audience identified with it. I think it is refreshing to watch something that talks about real life problems unlike other shows that never talk about things like paying the bills. We all have to pay bills whether we are working, middle or upper class. Parents all have to deal with talking about lying and morals with their children. I think that the way that Roseanne brings it up is more relatable for people regardless of class because it seems more real then other shows in fake TV reality. I also thought another point that was brought up that was interesting was that the show portrayed them as careless with money. Does that fuel the stereotype that working class people will always be working class because they can't figure out how to manage their money? Are they victims of class or did they put themselves in the spot that they are in and are self perpetuating it? I again think that the image of them splurging with their money is worthwhile because I've seen my friends do exactly what happened in the show. They get a chunk of money from something like a tax return and try to spread it over things that they need but then splurge with the justification that they desearved it. Then what ussually happens next is they feel guilty about the splurge. I do think that it may touch on the stereotype of working class but I think that its a worthwhile scenario to portray because it does happen and people can identify with it.

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