Barbie, the world traveler

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Grewal's article this week was interesting, because it addressed a popular product that originated in the United States that has been marketed in other areas of the world with the intent to uphold American culture but intent to integrate into foreign, in this case, Indian culture. My focus for my post will really examine the one way street of promotion that Barbie tries to accomplish in India versus the idea that if India tried to send over a product to the United States the effect or lack of it would have in America. Let's take a look at the slogan on page 169 that describes Barbie's latest arrival into India, "Dressing in an all-seasons classic saree with exotic borders, Barbie is totally at home in India." First off, this description sounds a little superficial/fake, because it uses words like all-seasons, exotic and totally, which really just sounds like a lame American phrase that sounds like Mattel is obligated to try and integrate Barbie into a diverse realm of culture. I can actually picture this particular phrase being uttered by Barbie herself--a blonde, ditzy, shallow woman. But moving on from Barbie's attempt of integration into India, can you even imagine if the roles were reversed? In other words, what if India tried to market one of their dolls, we'll use the name Raji, for instance in the United States? Would Raji even stand a chance? No--no way, no how--ask anyone. There's not a media in the world that even comes close like the one in America. Our advertisers, companies, media agencies are the best and know how to sell and reach their targeted audiences. We're a world power for a reason. Our media is better, stronger, and we have the resources and the money to capitalize on a product, like Barbie. Moral of the story being, if you have resources, like the funds, and the talent, you will beat your competitor every single time. America has a way of implanting a hot commodity and having it take off regardless of the location.

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