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After watching the movie "Forrest Gump" in class, I watched full story of the movie at home, and read "The Face of America" again. I was interesting about Forrest's part of citizen. There were very famous world events in the movie, and that happens were important American history. Almost happen was not related with Gump, but some happen was related with Forrest Gump. It is interesting in that there is no ideological and political view into that happens. In the movie the name of Gump looks defines "normal". According to the author of "the face of America" Gump defines "normal" through the star's traumatized survival of a traumatic national history, which effectively rewrites the traumas of mass unrest if the last few decades not as responses to systemic malaise, exploitation, or injustice, but as purely to the dead, the violent, and the violated. The other point was the two different type of life style between Jenny and Forrest.
Jenny's family was very conservative, but Jenny didn't want to do like her parents. She want free. Actually she was influenced by hippie and tried to do freely life from the world. However she lived worse than before. She was wandering in the world. In the contrast, Forrest was doing totally different life. His life was on being normal, average, common, ordinary, standard, typical and usual in America. He applied for U.S. ARMY. That was pretty typical life style in 1960s. It was totally different way with Jenny. Paradoxically, Jenny's life was completely different life she wanted. Adversely the world she showed was more cold, and narrow. Also it was exclusive by her ideology. On the other hands, Forrest He kept plowing a lonely furrow regardless of what others think, and it show people the possibility of success in the world. Even though he was disability citizen, he could get success when he lived by principle the world want.

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