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Watching the video in class on Wednesday was a shocking conglomeration of some of the sexist remarks towards females in the media. It's definitely eye opening to see this remarks one after another said by what should be respectable men in our media system. Society is at a standstill and believes that females are now created equal to men, but it is quite apparent that, that is not necessarily the case. Women in power, especially politically are not taken seriously, as most men concentrate more on their sexuality then what they have to say. Or in Hilary Clinton's case, they make it a point to criticize and tear her self-esteem apart with rude and hurtful comments about her appearance. We are failing to listen to their actual message, and as a society we are too concerned with superficial aspects as appearance. Women are also stereotyped into being moody and emotional, and are criticized if they show any emotion in the media. People automatically think that women are not capable of holding any position of power because of this. But if a male decides to get choked up during a speech, it is applauded, and shows real courage. It is a very backwards system, and I hope there are strides to a more equal future where woman are not only looked upon for their sexuality, but for their brain power. ,

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