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I left from class to go to the Airport and as I walked onto the light rail and chose to stand, I looked down and there was a man in a wheel chair right infront me. I thought about everything we talked about in class. I looked up at a sign that read something like "Please allow persons with disabilities or elderly to use seating areas." There was a discussion question about having pity on the disabled, I thought the sign was unneeded. I read it and thought...duh. The fact that there is a sign there is putting pity on the disabled. Maybe it was because I went straight from class to the light rail but it was pretty eye opening.

In terms of Gump, I could talk for days. But what I brought up in class was that Forrest and Jenny were the two opposite sides of America. Forrest was the All-American Football Player, a purple heart recipient, a World-Champion Ping pong player, met tons of presidents and had a romantic moment in the most American place/situation possible with Jenny. However, Jenny was the opposite. She grew up with a dysfunctional family, a hippie phase, a drug phase, a black panther phase... Her and Forrest were the perfect opposite match for each other which showed both parts of American culture.These two representations of America show the culture of this era. I love this movie for the obvious humor but also, both the sound track and the events depict these decades in an accurate and entertaining way.

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I like your experience. You show me that lecture application in life is almost possible to ensure. Learning make us show widely. About Forrest Gump, I totally agree with your blog. Especially the story of the movie is really interesting in that Forrest and Jenny were the two opposite sides of America. This movie shows us about not only global big issues, but also about social problems in the U.S. After the hippie culture was getting expansion, American society was divided into two types of life style. Forrest and Jenny go separate ways in the story. Finally Forrest got success, and Jenny was not as like Forrest. However there is one uncomfortable thing that I feel the movie enforce life style like Forrest lived to audience.

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